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Norman and Anna Gerber owned the buildings along with their dry goods store that they operated for many, many years. Beall's Market was originally in the location of 3 South Bay Avenue. After the devastation of the 1962 storm, John Beall, Sr. built the larger store on the corner (now Murphy's Marketplace).

The store fronts were renovated and William (Bill) Schaefer established one of his Uncle Bill's Pancake Houses on the location. He also established one in Surf City. Stanley Kubiak soon bought and operated the pancake houses until February 1974 when the Beach Haven location was purchased by the Pulz family. The "B" was easily changed to a "W" so Uncle Will's it was! The introduction of the chubby ceramic pig, who made young and old alike smile as he joined their table, was the mascot. Based on the principal of serving the finest quality food in a family friendly atmosphere, the business flourished. So much appreciation has to be given to their dedicated staff over the years, and it was a pleasure to sell the business in 1995, to Tom Stewart.

When Tom Stewart bought Uncle Will’s from the Pulz Family in 1995, he became the third “caretaker” of what is a landmark in Beach Haven.  Tom met Margie in 1996 when she came to Beach Haven for a "part time" summer job.  LOL.  She was a teacher in Cherry Hill at the time.  

And so the years pass....

Hello!  And Happy 2024!  As we enter our 30th season of "Breakfast at the Beach", we are most grateful for our AMAZING staff and customers - - - - all of whom we lovingly consider our family.   Thank you for every shift you work and every meal you enjoy with us.  See you the next time you are in town!

Our Team